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Welcome to the new official Jeeran Blog!

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

It is finally here! The all new official Jeeran Blog.

For a company that was associated with being the biggest platform for Arabic blogs, we sure should have utilized blogging more frequently.

Well, this is our serious attempt to get all of the Jeeran team blogging and communicating all the exciting development we are having.

I would like to start by sharing some of our stats: We are now in 8 cities ( Amman, Jeddah, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Dammam-Khobar, Kuwait, and Doha), we have over 100k places, and 40k reviews!

What excites us

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the most about what we do is the valuable content we are adding to our part of the world. We have estimated that around 70% of the places we have on Jeeran (Restaurants, Doctors, Supermarkets, Fashion stores, Plumbers, Real Estate agents….) did not have an online presence before.

Now they do, and its not just any online page, it’s a presence that allows people to share their experience about the place through writing reviews that will be shared with millions of other people. No less important, this page will allow businesses to hear valuable feedback about their product/service to improve and give them a chance to interact with these customers to retain.

It will not be an easy journey for us, people in the MENA region barely read, let alone write good useful reviews. Another interesting challenge we found is that many people associate Arabic sites and content with either news or shallow/entertainment content.

But this is a journey worth taking and this is a market problem worth solving. Stay tuned for more milestones.



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to share our experience between each other! This’s really important.

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