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Jeeran launches its application on Android

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

It is the trend today for companies that provide local content to offer their services through Smart phones’ application in order to facilitate, for their users, the direct access to all their services all the day

 After our Iphone application success, which has been downloaded by ten thousand users, we are now launching Android application which is available for millions of users in the Arab world. We are keen on offering Jeeran services for the largest number of users to help them make better and faster shopping decisions.

 Through the application, you will have a list of all the places in your cities that you need; be they restaurants, clinics or any other service-provider places. In addition, you will have access to their telephone numbers and directions through Google maps. The results will appear according to your priorities and based on reviews made by the city’s residents.

 For example, it is Friday and you feel like eating Shawerma; however, you are not sure what restaurants offer their services on a day off. In this case, you can, through your own mobile, specify what you are looking for; mentioning for example that you are searching for a Shawerma place that works on Friday in Al Rabya, and you can add also that you want to pay using the Visa card. According to the data you enter, the application will prioritize your choices based on reviews written by people who had experienced the Shawerma places in Al Rabya.

 you can download the app from this link

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