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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012


Good morning people ….if it is still morning at your side of the world

And good evening …..for those who are enjoying their evenings now…

Today, I am so happy to share with you the news of hosting the first Jeeran Riyadh meeting at Saltanet Sammar café at Al Alia neighborhood, King Fahed Street.

Twenty one Jeeranians from Riyadh office gathered in this meeting which was held last night after Al Isha prayer, and continued till a late hour in the night.

Our main goal behind such a gathering is enforcing the bonds among Jeeranians, and

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getting to know the eleven Jeeran new members better. The event was an opportunity to share ideas, suggestions, business plans in order to achieve better accomplishments and greater success.

What is noteworthy about this meeting is the various age groups our Jeeran new members belong to; not only this, they all come from different cultures and backgrounds, which have enriched the meeting in a way we were all able to reach important recommendations that will make a big difference in our work development in Riyadh; one of which is downloading the Android application on Iphones.

I was pleased and honored to meet the new Jeeranians; it has been a useful meeting, and I hope in the coming meeting, I will get to see all the Jeeranians with us.


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