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A Big Thank You for our “Makhateer” this Year

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

We have chosen the “Makhateer” for this year and the selection was not easy as each and every user contribute in their way to the success of Jeeran.

But hands down two of the most active users in Amman, Sayed Saleh and Huda Aqrabawi who managed to keep the title for the 2nd year in a row.

And let us not forget our “Helpful Users”; Huda Aqrabawi and Marina Abazza who has never failed to help users find what they are looking for and by providing great pieces of advice. Sumaya Abu Tammam too knows her way around Amman, just think of any place and you will discover she has been there!

Both Bilal Abu Lawi and Sayed Saleh are known for breaking a record in the number of reviews he submitted as well as submitting their opinions and driving discussions in “Hiwarat”.

And when it comes to pictures that make us drool, Saleh Thaher has an amazing eye for capturing and sharing pictures of food from different restaurants and cafes around Amman. And Diana Sarhan is trying to catch up by uploading more pictures to her album aside by great reviews. But not when it comes to pictures of wedding venues, which is Firas Qasem “The wedding crasher” specialty.

But when it comes to excellent review writing, both Muna Al Risheq and Lana Bandak will take the thrown with their very detailed yet not boring reviews that you read along smoothly.


Finally, let us not forget our valuable “Makhateer” in Riyadh, Rateb Alkaialy, and his great photos, Huwaida Chemat and her commitment to help other users, and finally Fatima Abed Al Muhsen and Ahmad Sultan who both are such good review writers.

Thank you our “Makhateer, we look forward to your

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  1. I’m so proud of what you wrote about me!! Thank Youuu Jeeran <3

  2. Thank you Saleh, we are looking forward to see more of your amazing work.

  3. Somaiah Abu Tammam

    Thanks Doa’a for mentioning me in your blog, it’s my pleasure to be part of your group :)

  4. You are most welcome, we are glad you are one of our elite users at Jeeran Amman.

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