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The Art of Christmas

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

It is Holiday season, that Magical time of the year. What makes it even more magical those festive decorations, and Christmas decorations, set the mood for Christmas and get everyone in the holiday spirit. However, for some people it can be a challenge, so we stepped up and got you some wonderful tips from those who know how to do it right.


Mr.Yousef Al Saed, supervisor at “Home Center“ , Said Red and Gold Christmas balls are still people’s favorite choice, but the crowd are trying new colors this season such as green, which is a big hit this year. White and blue are starting to be more appealing. And remember you can never go wrong with the star being places at the top of the tree, a traditional decorative piece and most sought after one”. 

“You can add to the c Christmas tree, the main centerpiece, other decorative items such as deer  a huge snowman. You can also incorporate walls and floors with the Christmas theme you’re following by adding some carpets.” he added. For decorating Bigger spaces he suggested building up a cave like, under your tree to add some glam to your space.

When buying Christmas decorations,budget can be an issue as you can get way over budget and get distracted by the gits and glam. Al Saed emphasized that you need to have a budget in mind, a little more, less does not harm, the most important thing is you leaving satisfied.

Lightening up the place with some gold or silver candles can turn your place to a very calm and cozy place in seconds as Ali Al Nabulsi, from “Jabal Tareq Bookshop”, recommended.

She Can Scrap-booking and Hobby Center“  have a wide range of items and decoration ideas, Stockings and the perfect place to hang them, Frames and more. 

They believe that each gift must be wrapped perfectly with Christmas themed wrapping paper,and get creative with gift wrapping to surprise your loved ones.

And let’s not forget kids, because Christmas is all about the joy and happiness of our little  ones, “She Can” is holding a Christmas day activity, where kids can make a scrapbook to keep their memories of the holiday forever. They also offer a workshop for kids and grownups to learn how to make beautiful Christmas greeting cards.

“Hamley’s” is also thinking big this Christmas   there will be a chorus singing the most beautiful Christmas carols as well as a full schedule on Christmas day as that will kick off with a play about Santa  Then just like every year, Santa will be playing with the kids and eating cookies while pictures are being taken for a memorable day.

And finally, remember that the perfect time to take down your Christmas tree is on new-years day or the day after according to Ali Al Nabulsi, from “Jabal Tareq Bookshop”.

Season Greetings everyone and merry Christmas!

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