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Jeeran Outing at Tiberias Cafe

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

This month jeeran elites were invited to try a new cafe, Tiberias Cafe. And we didn’t get disappointed!!

we had a busy schedule, getting into the gaming mode

users were asked to play a game, to name the user who writes funny reviews, the title went to “Saad”.

the great photographer,the title went to ”Hani”

the foody, that you feel hungry when you ‘re reading it, of course it was ‘Hana”.

the one who is always unsatisfied about the service, with no doubt it was”Bashar”

Stickers were disturbed on the users for their good job!

Of course new ideas were discussed about improving Jeeran

A delicious sandwiches were served as complimentary service , followed by a mouthwatering cheese cake.

It was quite a night!!!





































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