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“Ask Jeeran, Don’t Get Disappointed” OC Magazine Issue 110

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Jeeran was first founded in 2002, but
launched in 2010 in Amman by Omar Koudsi
(co-founder and CEO). However, it then
expanded to 8 more Arab countries (the
UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt,
Bahrain and Oman), 38 cities, and more than
300,000 places! As Omar Koudsi said, their
aim was “to create something relevant to the
community.” They sure did.
There are lots of cialis 5 mg best price categories in Jeeran to
choose from, which include: Restaurants,
Cafes, Bakeries & Goodies, Shopping
Places, your pharmacy online Fashion, Doctors, Services, Health
& Wellness, Weddings & Events, Home &
Garden, Education, Spa & Leisure, Travel &
Tourism, Financial Services, Art & new orleans pharmacy museum Culture,
Motors, Public Services, and even Real Estate.
You can simply browse through the places,
read reviews and see pictures, or you can
search for a specific place and read more
about it. This app can basically cover all cialis price your
needs, answer all your questions, and give
you the honest advice you need.
The latest version of the app enables the
users to search, browse, review, and add
places and photos to certain places, as well as
allowing them to find viagra rezeptfrei kaufen beneficial information
like the price range, payment methods, and
parking availability. This permits you to really
get a feel of the place you are going to before
going there, and it almost eradicates the
professional viagra
chances of you going somewhere and feeling
As Omar Al Koudsi said, “Through the
application, one is provided with a list of
places, whether it be restaurants, clinics or
any other service-providers, and the results
will appear according to your priorities
and based pret viagra in farmacii on reviews made by the city’s residents.”

If you want to use the website (www.jeeran.
com), you can log onto it using either your
Facebook or Twitter account. You can stay
updated through their Facebook Amman
page, which has more than 260K likes,
by liking them on the link https://www. or follow their
By Saria Kanawati

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