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Jeeran Officially Launches in Cairo & Alexandria! يا أم الدنيا بقينا جيران

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Jeeran Egypt

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مع هذه الإضافة الجديدة، فإن تغطية جيران تمتد لتشمل ٣٩ مدينة في ٦ دول عربية من ضمنها: الأردن،السعودية، الكويت، قطر، والإمارات. هذا و قد بدأ العمل على إطلاق جيران الرسمي في مصر بدأ منذ مطلع العام مع فريق محلي في القاهرة والإسكندرية يعمل على إضافة الأماكن والصور ونشر ثقافة تقييم الأماكن عبر تطبيقات جيران لضمان وجود محتوى عالي الجودة عند و بعد الإطلاق الرسمي.

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و مع الإطلاق الرسمي لخدمات جيران في مصر فإن جيران ستغطي جميع مناطق القاهرة الكبرى والإسكندرية بما لا يقل عن ٥٥ ألف مكان وما يقارب الألف نصيحة حتى الآن. وللإطلاع على المزيد، بإمكانكم زيارة موقع جيران مصر cheap online pharmacy أو تحميل التطبيق من خلال الروابط التالية:



ويندوز فون

Hello Egypt

Hello Egypt!

Today, we celebrate the official launch of our services in Cairo and Alexandria to help customers make buying decisions and document their experiences with places around the city.

With this launch, we’re so proud and happy to cover 39 cities in 6 countries across the region including Jordan, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE.

The soft launch of Cairo and Alexandria has begun early this year with a local team working on the ground, collecting data, adding photos, and encouraging friends to document their own experiences with restaurants and cafes to make sure there is enough quality content by the time the official launch is announced.

“We’re very excited about finally launching in Cairo and Alexandria” Said Omar Koudsi, Jeeran’s CEO. “Being two of the most diverse cities in the Arab world, we’re expecting to see a whole new way of interaction with Jeeran; a way that will allow us to learn and offer new services constantly” he added.

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Jeeran attracted tens of thousands of visitors from Cairo and

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Alexandria during the soft launch and is aiming to soon make its services available to other cities including Port Said, Al Mansura, Shubra and Luxour to have pfizer viagra 100mg price Egypt fully covered. Today, Jeeran covers Greater Cairo and Alexandria with over 55,000 places and nearly 1,000 user reviews on them.

I should also add that the lack of Arabic-first user review platforms where everyone is allowed and welcome to contribute encouraged us to accelerate the launch of new cities. We have learnt how to build communities and spread the review culture through previous launches; I can say the challenges & opportunities are very similar to what we have experienced elsewhere in the middle east.

Jeeran is designed to help users find the best places and services in the city whether they’re looking for the greatest restaurant, closest ATM, or the most talented mechanic. It offers reviews, maps, as well as photos and allows users to document their own experiences on those places.

Jeeran services are available through the website and for all smartphone users on iOs, Android, & Windows Phone.



Windows Phone:


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  2. I am an Angel investor in Japan and the US. I am intesred in investing in Egyptian startups. Your Jeeran app seems very interesting. If there is an interest to get investors, send me a pacKage with all relavant info.

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