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Wednesday, December 9th, 2015


  • Restaurants :


Koshari El Tahrir (2 minutes walk)

Kushari is the pride of the Egyptian cuisine and a must try if yale pharmacy you’re in Cairo. Koshari Al Tahrir is only 2 minutes away from you now so why not?


Kazaz Restaurant (5 minutes walk)

It’s winter already and that means one thing: Kazzaz’s lentil soup! Besides this legendary winter favorite,

you can have Fool and Tamayyah there as well for breakfast.


Zooba (11 minutes drive)

Kushari, Sujuk, Beets Bread and much more awaits you at Zooba. This place offers traditional Egyptian cuisine with a modern twist that you’ll fall in love with!


Butcher’s Burger (14 minutes drive)

Our team swears by the portabello mushroom burger this place serves. Make sure you get a table with a view on The Nile.

Maharaja (14 minutes drive)

Feeling Like Having some indian food? Mahraja is an awesome choice as per the reviews.


  • Cafés and Coffee Shops


Café Riche (6 minutes walk)

Riche Cafe will care boutique viagra take you in a trip back in time to the glamorous 40’s Cairo. Kabab, Shisha, and drinks. What more to ask for?


Zahrat Al Bustan (5 minutes walk)

A shisha lounge that viagra super active won’t disappoint with over 12 choices and mixes of tobacco flavors.


Al Americane Café (13 minutes walk)

Fancy a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate? This is the place for you

  • Art and Culture :


El Sehemy House (14 minutes drive)

One of the most popular theatres and art spaces in Cairo, and if you’re lucky, a concert could be on while you’re visiting.


Opera House (5 minutes drive)

The Opera house hosts different activities and concerts each and every week, from classical music to local musicians. You can check the full schedule from here


El Sawy Cultural Wheel (12 minutes drive)

A comprehensive cultural space where many exhibitions, concerts and artistic workshops take place. You may also just go there for a cup of is trusted online pharmacy legit tea and henna tattoo by the famous Soma !


Sultan El Ghory Complex (11 minutes drive)

You don’t want to miss the amazing daraweesh shows and the traditional skirt dancing that takes place in Sultan and Ghory house. The festive spirit of Cairo lays in this old house that was built back in the 1200’s

  • Historical Sites


El Moez Street (12 minutes drive)

Time for some souvenirs shopping? Go for a walk in El Moez Street where you’ll be surrounded by little statues, dancing costumes and beautiful traditional rugs.


El Hussien Mosque (13 minutes drive)

One of the oldest mosques in the world that you certainly should be visiting.


Egyptian Museum (13 minutes drive)

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo contains the world’s most extensive collection of pharaonic antiquities; no visit to Egypt is complete without a trip through its galleries

  • Night Life


The Lemon Tree and Co. (14 minutes drive)

Great time guaranteed.


Almaz (15 minutes drive)

Cairo’s most popular nightlife destination


Carleton Hotel and Bar (15 minutes walk)

Get a taste of the most beloved Egyptian Beer Stella at the Carleton Bar!

Al Kasr El Aini Hospital (8 minutes drive)

One of Cairo’s biggest hospitals

El Ezaby Pharmacies

Has branches across Cairo and delivers your purchases on demand.


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