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Jeeran’s Monthy Outing: A Cube Burger?

Friday, October 20th, 2017

Owners of Cube Burger


Discovering never ends with Jeeran and this time we decided to try a new restaurant called Cube Burger along with our most active members, Sayyed, Hanadi, Mohammad, Aseel, Emad, and our neweset member Faisal. A special guest, food consultant and blogger Anas Hamad joined us on this outing.

Jeeran’s active members

With their slogan being Reshaping Food, Cube Burger offers a square (cube) shaped instead of the traditionally known round bun. We tried almost everything on the menu, and what was not to love? We were overwhelmed with an amazing flavor of great foods that Cube Burger provided. Raise the ante with incredible staff and great music and you have an outstanding outing. But that’s only my opinion. Check what our most active members think and don’t forget to check the great pictures too!

Jeeran would like to personally thank the entire team of Cube Burger for having us and for their great hospitality, ensuring all guests with a phenomenal experience.

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