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Jeeran Monthly Outing

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

This month Jeeran elites and top users have been invited to have their monthly meetup at Areej Al Sham restaurant .

areej-el-sham-amman/ .

They tried their snacks and the main food of Areej Al Sham restaurant (Mashawi).

We took the views of users on the Jeeran site, they were upbeat with what happened on the speed, development and the progress of Jeeran application in last few months.
Everyone were looking forward to next month outing.



Jeeran’s February Meetup

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014


This month we had decided to explore a new place in Amman that opened recently.

We choose Fan wan Chai and we were not disappointed !!

Jeeran elites tried their simple cookies and their fresh drinks.

The calm place, good service and a friendly atmosphere and sure a valuable feedback from our users.



Jeeran Outing at Volk’s Burger

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Our elite were invited to Volk’s Burger in Jabal Al Webdeh to try a wonderful taste of burger.

The great service of the place brings in a friendly atmosphere for a good chats and of course a creative feedback from our users.

Users gave us feedback about our website , we discuss new version of  iPhone app and it’s availble on the app store . and they are so glad for our new change.

What’s in a logo?
Logo design history begins with humans’ first paintings on cave walls, evolving to communicate and represent oneself, tribe, beliefs, and in the 20th century..products!

Logos are created to give a visual representation of company’s identity, therefore, many companies iterate and refine their logos regularly to embrace new design trends or adapt to changes in technology or channels.


Jeeran’s logo has been evolving over time to reflect the changes in services provided and platform nature.

Starting as a free hosting platform in 2000, three houses were used representing the individuals as neighbours (Jeeran in Arabic). A refined version of this logo was used in 2006 when Jeeran switched to a blogging platform as the houses remained a valid representation of users.

in 2010 Jeeran has transformed to become “Places in your City” and the ultimate guide for locals and visitors alike. The three houses were reduced to one and the logo had the slogan added to it to emphasize this transformation.

Today, Jeeran has expanded to exist on mobile platforms and new devices, and so a new redesigned logo emerged to symbolize the spirit of Jeeran as a company and the team’s passion for growth and progress.

The New Logo

The new logo inherits the fresh Jeeran green and typographic elements…green is freshness, harmony, money, and renewal. All terms that describes Jeeran both as a platform and as a team.
The word Jeeran is present as the center of logo in white color. White stands for purity, truthfulness, and the simplicity we aspire to achieve for all our users.

This new logo embraces the new cultural design aesthetics favoring simple, clean, and modern execution and will help users distinguish it easily among other apps on their devices.

We hope you enjoy using Jeeran with this fresh new logo. We are looking forward to serving you for many years to come!



 ما هي الشعارات التجارية ؟

يعود تاريخ تصميم الشعارات التجارية إلى الآف السنين حين بدأ الانسان بأولى محاولته للرسم على جدران الكهوف للتعبير عن نفسه ثم قبيلته أو معتقداته ليتطور الأمر في القرن العشرين للتعبير عن المنتجات أو الشركات على نطاق واسع وبشكل جديد تماماً!

أصبحت الشعارات التجارية بمثابة الوجه الذي يتعرف عبره المستهلكون إلى المنتجات والخدمات المختلفة للشركة، ولذلك فإن الشركات تحرص على تحديث هذه الصورة وتجميلها بشكل دائم بما يتناسب مع الذائقة الرائجة والتغيرات في طبيعة التكنولوجيا أو الخدمات المقدمة.

تاريخ شعار جيران
تطور شعار جيران عبر السنوات ليعكس التطورات العديدة التي مر الموقع من أول ظهور له في عام 2000 إلى وقتنا الحاضر. ففي بدايته ، أطلق جيران كموقع استضافة عربي و تم تصميم شعار يحتوي على ثلاثة منازل متجاورة ليعبر عن إسمه (جيران) ثم وفي عام 2006 بدأ الموقع بتقديم خدمة المدونات ولم يطرأ تغير جذري على الشعار كونه كان لا يزال معبراً عن فكرة الموقع. تحول جيران في عام 2010 إلى ” أماكن في مدينتك” كدليل شامل وواسع لجميع الأماكن والخدمات في المدن العربية ولذلك تم إضافة الجملة الترويجية إلى الشعار الأصلي للتأكيد على هذا التحول الكبير في الخدمات

الآن توسعت خدمات جيران لتصبح متوفرة على الأجهزة النقالة والذكية بشكل واسع وكثيف مما شجعنا على إعادة النظر في الشعار ليصبح أكثر ملاءمةً للأجهزة ومعطيات التصميم الجديدة التي تفضل البساطة والوضوح

شعار جيران الجديد
يرث التصميم الجديد للشعار الكثير من عناصر تصميم الشعار السابق حيث تم إستخدام اللون المعروف لجيران ، الأخضر كأساس للشعار…ويمثل اللون الأخضر الانسجام ، التجديد، الربح والحداثة. و يبرز في منتصف الشعار كلمة جيران بالعربية وباللون الأبيض الذي يمثل الصدق، النقاء، والبساطة ….وهي معايير نعتمدها كفريق لتقديم منتج يمكن الإعتماد عليه لجميع مستخدميه

هذا الشعار الجديد يعتنق مبادئ التصميم الحديثة من جانب التركيز على الوضوح وسهولة الإستخدام مما سيسهل على المستخدمين تمييزه من بين التطبيقات المختلفة على أجهزتهم أو على قنوات التواصل الاجتماعي.

نتمنى أن تستمتعوا بشعار جيران الجديد وأن نستمر في خدمتكم لسنوات عديدة أخرى


Jeeran’s December Meetup

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

This month we went to Oregano Bakery in Amman  to try some home made  pastries  and local fukharat

the elites love the home made food and the coziness of the place, which is perfect for this time of the year.

users gave us feedback about Iphone’s last release and it was a hit among the crowd and we had a few questions about the android app,we assured them that the release will be out ASAP.


Jeeran was first founded in 2002, but
launched in 2010 in Amman by Omar Koudsi
(co-founder and CEO). However, it then
expanded to 8 more Arab countries (the
UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt,
Bahrain and Oman), 38 cities, and more than
300,000 places! As Omar Koudsi said, their
aim was “to create something relevant to the
community.” They sure did.
There are lots of categories in Jeeran to
choose from, which include: Restaurants,
Cafes, Bakeries & Goodies, Shopping
Places, Fashion, Doctors, Services, Health
& Wellness, Weddings & Events, Home &
Garden, Education, Spa & Leisure, Travel &
Tourism, Financial Services, Art & Culture,
Motors, Public Services, and even Real Estate.
You can simply browse through the places,
read reviews and see pictures, or you can
search for a specific place and read more
about it. This app can basically cover all your
needs, answer all your questions, and give
you the honest advice you need.
The latest version of the app enables the
users to search, browse, review, and add
places and photos to certain places, as well as
allowing them to find beneficial information
like the price range, payment methods, and
parking availability. This permits you to really
get a feel of the place you are going to before
going there, and it almost eradicates the
chances of you going somewhere and feeling
As Omar Al Koudsi said, “Through the
application, one is provided with a list of
places, whether it be restaurants, clinics or
any other service-providers, and the results
will appear according to your priorities
and based on reviews made by the city’s residents.”

If you want to use the website (www.jeeran.
com), you can log onto it using either your
Facebook or Twitter account. You can stay
updated through their Facebook Amman
page, which has more than 260K likes,
by liking them on the link https://www. or follow their
By Saria Kanawati

Geeks On A Plane 2nd visit to Jeeran

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

For the 2nd time, we had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful group from Geeks On A Plane organized by 500 Startups, at Jeeran Offices.  The team and the geeks talked and discussed ideas over lunch.