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Jeeran goes black in protest of the internet censorship

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Jeeran is a local platform centered around places and reviews. At the core of our belief is the freedom of expression and free flow of information. The new law threatens the citizens’ cialis dosage instructions rights of that, and for that we take a stand along with many other great Jordanian companies to oppose the new censorship law.

If the censorship law is implemented, there is no telling how far it will go. Though most cialis and viagra online businesses are happy with their customers’ reviews on Jeeran, some are not, and demand for bad reviews to be taken off, but we do not, as we are advocates viagra benefits of people’s right to free speech and expression. This new law will allow the government to censor Jeeran and any business listed on it, depriving people from free flow of information, the very thing that made the internet so great.

As a result, Jeeran went can you buy cialis over the counter black (offline) in protest of the internet censorship on 29th of August 2012 along with 100′s of other local websites.

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