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Jeeran’s Final Outing for 2012 at Wox & Company – Amman

Monday, December 31st, 2012

This month, we’ve only selected 14 people to attend our meetup for December and the final one for this year. Users had to fill a form and the selection process was not easy.

We prepared something different for this outing with the help of the wonderful people from Wox & Company. An Asian night with fantastic food and great people. We learned how to make Sushi, Kani Salad and Indian Samosas.

We’ve also had the pleasure to make and try an off the menu Indian kind of sweets called “Falloda”, which was prepared only for the Jeeran meetup.

Everyone enjoyed the experience, especially that the restaurant just went through a major re-branding. Users took notes, pictures

and came back with some very helpful reviews on what to try.

I recommend the “Beef Hyderabad”, cooked perfectly in a wonderful cilantro green sauce.





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