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Jeeran supports Family Kitchen’s Ramadan Campaign

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

As part of many efforts to support Humanitarian Organisation, during this holy month of Ramadan Jeeran is supporting one of the most active organizations that works on bridging the gap between need and supply, by delivering restaurant and hotel food to impoverished families instead of the dumpster. Family Kitchen is a project that helps the POOR to get food from those who have it, by partnering with many 5 stars hotels and restaurants, as well as hundreds of volunteers.

Family Kitchen also aids in other charitable activities such as distributing clothes, school equipment, blankets & heaters, toys and offering medical assistance and helping the disadvantaged in targeted poverty pockets in whatever way is needed.

You can volunteer, sponsor a needy family, deliver food cans or leftovers from Iftar gatherings or simply by spreading the word about such initiative.

For more details, you can contact Family Kitchen directly.


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